turning a malfunction into a good look

remember those belts that stick out in a funny way after you've buckled them... here's a new way to elegantly wear  the malfunction

my indulgence

straight outta the shower.. plus it has cocoa butter... there's others with aloe Vera.. one with vit E and one other i cant remember.. but the cocoa butter.. is my all time favorite... its the perfect consistency between lotion(kinda watery) and Vaseline (too thick).. if you dont like either...
i live for this.....and a few philosophy products in general. the minute i tried it once this year..i knew there was no going back

drink this if you are struggling with a diet plus its the little sis to...like voss water.... but this is sweet water though?? can you beat that?...drink it i say!

philosophy rocks..that's all

love her makeup..lookks like what you'd find on me. her hair looks like the sahara desert though ;)no hate..lol (my rule: make up close to your skin tone enhances your face...strange colors clown it!) be picky with make up..it makes you classy..anything doesn't truly go..at least for me...im not adventurous with colors on my face

nude colors are fabulous..it just seems tasteful..
random one piece dresses in all colors... i buy them impulsively...and still waiting for that  worthy day to wear them..
im obsessed with this.... ive used two bottles so far
i actually use this in my hair and those days im home doing NADA!


this makes me laugh

rare rebel loves......

i love make up and all but i always like to look like the picture on the left... i hate over expressive colors...if you are not in a music video, magazine, dressing up for halloween.. or possessed with demons like lady gaga.. you have no business trying to color up your face. yes! you can use Bright shiny and very dark colors..as long as you can make them seem neutral enough  and pick colors that are almost close to your skin tone. I believe this is really the only make up routine that will make you the prettiest and make you look flawless

FIrsT pOsT.

I will start by saying - Hi!.
um ...ok, i really don't know why i created this blog. I guess i just want to understand what blogging is all about. my generation is obsessed with the www, so i might as well figure what this crazy trend is about!

alriiighty..lemme give you an expanded view on this mysterious rookie blogger.. it's a she!(obviously)
i am a beauty addict.(not a beauty product junkie).... a beauty addict! get it?.
i am a social thinker. i love to solve and analyse and figure out stuff(no! i don't like math)
i am a citizen of the world but i grew up in one exceptional part of it
I have a degree. whew!!*wipes temple*
i eeeeeaaatttt! hehe! but you'd never believe it!

ok...lets see how it goes...